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As first time moms over twenty years ago in the heart of South Africa with our loving husbands, we came across the most wonderful bath product to bathe our precious newborns Jacob and Romy. It was a pivotal moment in our lives for that was when the idea for Childish Notions began.The Daphne bath seat made such a difference for us, we wanted to be able to share this with parents and babies across Canada.

Fast forward twenty years and thousands of Canadian babies have enjoyed the Daphne, Snoozebaby comfort toys, the Crane Humidifers, the Bambino Mio diapers, the Cuddledry towels and many other wonderful items we have had the honor to work with. It truly has been a wonderful time and we have been so fortunate to work with such great retailers and suppliers. Everyday was a joy working with all of you.

Our newborns are soon to graduate university and their siblings are following closely in their footsteps, signifying that we too are ready to graduate from Childish Notions and begin our next adventure.

We thank you for your support and patronage over the past twenty years. It has been lovely to have the opportunity of working with you.

A couple of items before we say goodbye...

Ordering Crane Cool Mist Humidifiers:
Please send orders to:

Customer service for Retailers:
Phone: 514-729-6321 ext.230

Information with regarding a new Canadian distributor is not yet available in the intermin please contact thermobaby directly for queries regarding the line.

Charlotte Barrier Dufossez
Phone: +33 (0) 2 97 24 13 85