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Bambino Mio FAQ

Why choose Bambino Mio for your baby?

  • Because our nappies are slim fitting at the hips, they allow your baby more freedom of movement.
  • Bambino Mio nappy covers have wide Velcro® style tabs making them quick, simple to use, and easy to adjust to the shape of your baby.
  • Our nappy system has two pieces – a nappy and a separate cover, which provides you with flexibility as you do not have to wash both nappy and cover every time you change your baby's nappy.
  • When laundering, our nappies and covers wash and dry very efficiently providing you with a fast turnaround.

Why is a biodegradable nappy liner (mioliner) used?
Our nappy liners retain solids to help prevent soiling of the nappy and also reduce moisture seeping back onto baby's skin. Soiled nappy liners can simply be removed from a nappy and flushed away*. Wet liners should be placed in a bin or can be composted.

*Caution: the flushing of liners may cause blockages in old or damaged drains. No responsibility can be accepted for individual drain systems.

Are Bambino Mio reusable nappies easy to use?
Our range of reusable nappies are designed to be quick and easy to use. Simply place a cotton nappy into a nappy cover and fasten the Velcro® style fasteners around your baby's tummy.

Reusable nappies no longer need to be soaked. Nappies can be dry stored in a nappy bucket with a lockable lid.Please refer to our User Guide for further guidance and tips.

How many nappies do I need?
The number of nappies you need will depend on how often you are going to wash the nappies and change your baby. Normally nappies are washed every third day.

When using Bambino Mio nappies full-time we recommend:
24 nappies (mionappies) in each size (size 1 and 2 available)
3-6 nappy covers (miosoft) of one size
Nappy liners (mioliners)
Nappy cleanser (miofresh)
A nappy bucket and a laundry bags are useful, but not essential.

Please note that all parents and babies needs are different and you may need more or less nappies and covers depending on your circumstances. It is important that you have enough nappies and covers so that you do not run out, washing small quantities of nappies is not cost effective for you.

Will my child suffer nappy rash because of using these nappies?
Studies* have shown that your child is five times more likely to suffer from nappy rash if you use disposable nappies rather than cotton. This is because of the fact that many disposables feel dry when in fact the nappy is wet. Nappy rash can be caused by a number of things such as illness/diarrhoea, teething, food-allergies/new types of food, baby wipes/creams, nappy changing procedure and residual particles of regular washing powder in nappies.

(*Source: Br J Gen Pract 1997 Aug:47 (421):493-7 Getting to the bottom of nappy rash. University of Bristol)

Will the cotton nappies leak?
Our nappies have a three panel construction designed for maximum absorbency with minimum bulk. Cotton is naturally absorbent, this factor combined with the design of our miosoft nappy covers reduces the risk of our nappies leaking. miosoft nappy covers have soft, bound elasticated edges with a deep leak-proof legs cuffs and waistband ensuring a snug fit for maximum containment.

It is important to use the correct size cover for your baby and use the most appropriate nappy fold to minimise the possibility of leakage. Details of choosing the right size of nappy or using the most efficient nappy fold can be found in the User Guide.

Are the nappies bulky?
Bambino Mio nappies are less bulky than terry nappies and slightly more bulky than disposables. However, when a disposable nappy is wet it will swell up more, due to the absorbency of the moisture retaining chemicals inside, than reusable nappies.

How often will I need to change Bambino Mio nappies?
A Bambino Mio nappy will need to be changed every 2-4 hours, it really depends on how often your baby wets. Reusable nappy users prefer to change their baby more frequently whereas there is a temptation for disposable nappy users to leave longer periods between changes because their baby does not feel wet.

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